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Coming This Christmas . . . .

                            Twelve Emailable

               — All Loving Sustainable Living —

                               Christmas Gifts

Celebrate an... All Loving Sustainable Living.... Christmas. As early as December 5th you'll be able to view samples of our holiday collection of '12 eMailable'... All Loving Sustainable Living... Christmas Gifts via the link just above.

To place an order for an All Loving Sustainable Living Christmas Gift Video... simply send an email with your 'Video Gift Number' (get your number through the link just above) and an optional 'Christmas Greeting' to:  Christmas@AllLoving.Org. [Each email gift will include a 'loaded' video player (with an approximately 20 MB video of your choice), and will display an optional personalized holiday greeting (up to 50 words) from you.] Additionally, our All Loving Sustainable Living... eMailable Video Gifts make for a great... 'getting it right'...  gift for starting out a healthy 'Sustainable Living' New Year... and even one better... for starting out a healthy 'Sustainable Living' New Decade. They're also quite wonderful for celebrating planetary-healthy... Birthdays... Valentines... Anniversaries... you name it.

Finally, to learn more about how important Wireless Neurofeedback might become in our collectively giving the world's children back their seemingly now-long-lost future please visit... Science Summary — Wireless Neurofeedback.


A Gift of... 'Sustainable Living' Love... From AllLoving.com....

  "Love baby... love... that's the secret... yeah.... If lots more of us loved each other... we'd solve lots more problems... and then this world would be a decca...."
       —Satchmo (Louis Armstrong).... His 1967                          sweet... simple... & nature-emulating...                          formula for our living sustainably together.

  Have you ever wanted all your Christmas giving to be actually 'good and beneficial' for... the long-term health of the planet earth's biosphere... and thus, to actually be 'good and beneficial' for... the long-term health... wealth... and well-being... of all of the world's children?  Well it may be that your dreams are finally starting to come true. Beginning on December 5th... twelve wonderfully unique and truly magical 'Fly to Paradise' — All Loving Sustainable Living — video gifts will be available for you to make this year's Christmas giving 'greener' and 'lovelier' then you've ever imagined it might be. We've specifically created each one of our... All Loving Sustainable Living Christmas Gift Videos so they are small enough in file size that they can be sent in a personal email to... the loved ones... colleagues... or business associates ... of your choice.

  For those drawn to help us with our expenses... as well as to support us in our All Loving Sustainable Living — Wireless Neurofeedback — Video R&D Program, we encourage a small donation (beginning with a dollar-a-month, and for those who want, optionally increasing upward from there). Currently, our R&D goals include creating initially hundreds, and then eventually thousands, of both mini and long-play 'Wireless Neurofeedback' videos. In this way we'll be able to increasingly meet the unique needs and  tastes of all from around the world who are becoming instinctively drawn back to emulating the inborn — primarily 'from within' — and thus natural... spontaneous... and effortless... ways of sustainable being and sustainable living found throughout the greater cosmos-bios. In this very tradition, please enjoy Satchmo's... All Loving Gift for you just below . . . .

Satchmo's... All Loving Sustainable Living... Gift to Us All . . . .