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Our Approach

In keeping with the long-held traditions from number of ancient cultures, as well as with some of the latest developments in modern science, our in-credibly vast and complex universe appears to have been ‘leveraged’ into existence out of exceedingly little. Fully in keeping with this tradition, can something as small and delicate as ‘seeds sprouting into tiny plants’ help provide us with the spiritual… the health and vitality… and the  financial… wherewithal to begin giving rise to the emergence of fully nature emulating – and thus sustainable living – ecovillages?

        This, in but a few choice words, captures our greater goal. Indeed, to the best of our knowledge, our modern world has yet to spawn an ecovillage where nature’s inborn wild animal ways of sustainable living – or in the language of mathematics, ‘1 + 1 = 3 perpet-ual novelty development – underlie and give rise to its ongoing success.

“Only the wild… and the free… can live sustainably . . .” 

         Before continuing, it is important to point out that in this context, ‘wild’ does not mean, nor does it even suggest, the ferociousness commonly associated with (sometimes-man-eating) lions and tigers. Rather, in the long-held dharmic traditions encompassing everything from… daffodils… to butterflies… to humming-birds… to bunny rabbits… what being wild is really mostly about… is being spiritually  free . . . .

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